Railway started off in these parts in 1952, more precisely from 15 November 1952. Since then it has been bearing the signs of British colonial dominance. The motive behind this project was solely a political one. It was done to facilitate the British exploitation which in turn played a key role in their economy. British government established these structures in such a way so that these can sustain for a longer period. But one thing they never knew was they are going to lose their stronghold one day. Back in those days the railway brought a comprehensive social changes in this part of the globe which persists till this day. The brick red color of almost all railway structures was the hallmark of British railway. Even in present day Bangladesh regardless of new infrastructure that brick red color is still being used. This phenomena can be a product of mental slavery. Since it’s independence Bangladesh has been carrying on this historical hallmark of British railway though now its called Bangladesh Railway. Besides, no significant changes can be seen in this sector since it's early days. Now-a-days Bangladesh Railway is in dire straits. One can easily sense the prevailing social condition of these parts by taking a quick look at our railway infrastructures. For this ragged condition Bangladesh Railway System will continue to be the main reason behind the deaths of thousands of people. Through this work- I am telling you the tale of time & existence I am telling the tale of ruler's rule I am telling the tale of politics hidden beneath the roaring rails I am telling you the tale of horrific last journey of the dead I can feel the feelings of these structures I can hear their sound & how these lifeless things speak I can see the silence of these gloomy grand masonry And a barbaric yore keeps coming back to haunt me even in my subconscious.