I wanted to express the things which i have been consistently intrigued by throughout my life so far.This series of events denotes my joy & woe, laughter & cry and my fearless standpoint.My fantasies indicate the resulting void of my ever battling worldly & unworldly thoughts.And no wonder that void is a mirror image of my contemplation's unfinished journey. No matter how hard i try to seek similarities between innate & the alien it remains a puzzle. I wanted to express those awkward, unnatural events which counterfeit with my mental state & create unfathomable tension. Whenever I think of my present, past & future i become tensed. Its ok to think about future but what is the necessity of thinking about the past or the present which will soon become past! In my imagination my past always drags me towards it from my present as if it is an unknown trail i dare to look for or follow. In life, always something inevitable happens which is as lethal as a spear. As if it is a knockout punch that i try to avoid but each time end up in a completely different world in the process while doing it. Countless social subjects haunts me in a regular basis & i scatter about inside that unknown world after breaking down into countless pieces. That self of mine, that reaction of mine i express in my own way. This is how i see those real or unreal things or whatever you may call them. As if it is an imaginarium enveloped in another imaginarium. I tried to express this world of mine in my way so that others can freely roam around & think of new ideas. I think that we all possess completely a separate world inside our body. That world has something of its own which often crosses its path with our imagination. And perhaps only a few of us tries to understand it in our own way.