It is not easy to tell the story of an artist's loss. The loss of artists over the ages is nothing new. Many things happen that remain invisible to our eyes. Artists create in their own fascination. Psychological peace is the real peace that is the salvation for them. Bishwanath Das (1937-1987) was one such photographer who sought peace of mind as well as living with his photographs. Nothing is permanent. I understood this by looking at the negative photo taken by Bishwanath Das. Time and nature also destroy the art. The sigh of frustration of losing him in my eyes just when the negativity of his photograph was on the verge of destruction. When I touch the negatives of the almost ruined picture, the smell of chemicals makes me drunk, a spirit grabs me and tells the story of that time. When I imagine that I am Bishwanath Das, I think of myself as an artist and gave laughter of ridicule. Artist Name: Hasan Zobayer Photographer Name: Biswasnath Das Medium: Film Size: 56×56 mm Year: 1965-1987 Courtesy: Subrato Das | Mofussil Photography Project, Drik